His soul. Not for sale.

In the car, I made a bubble with a bubble gum. On the street, he made a hundred with his bubble guns..

He didn’t sell any bubble guns, but he beautified the scene… And just as the traffic cleared, and I saw him walk by, I saw his last bubble.

And I burst mine.

5 Questions…

– If you were to wake up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for, would you be satisfied?

– If money didn’t exist, would you still be doing what you do for a living?

– If every word you said would get inscribed on your skin, what words would you speak?

– They say that it’s likely that at least one person thinks of you every night before going to bed. Do you know who that could be in your life? Do they feel loved in return?

– What if, with all the good and bad stuff that makes your life right now, life is just as good as it gets? What if you wake up every day for the rest of your life living today over again?


Work? Great. Family? Beautiful. Personal Life? Feeling good.
What’s wrong? Erm. Nothing.

Wait a minute. Am I happy?

Well, ok. Or maybe, I could’ve been happier…And let me not forget that this thing could go wrong…


I’m not saying it happens all the time, but there are times in life when we are happy and satisfied. And though not everything may be going great, everything is just alright. You’re sailing right through, and the winds are calm. You admit it to yourself. You are happy.

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