Music without music is still music

My best song, till date, is ‘Solomon Shoshanna’ from the Malayalam film that is making waves all over India, Amen.

For artists of most kinds, it is usually the flaws that they notice in their own performance. And I’m no exception. I used to hear Solomon Shoshanna, and think- well, its just OKAY- I could’ve done this here, maybe sung this way here, and so on.

Weeks later, I heard the final mix along with the teaser video. The music composer had decided to keep it without any music, just the vocals singing the melodic tune, and the background sounds of the sloshing lake water and the singing night insects. Continue reading “Music without music is still music”


‘Wise enough’ rather ‘Bold enough’

We live in a nation of paradoxical sentiments. Or perhaps I should say, we live in an era of the lifetime of our nation, which is plagued with paradoxical sentiments. Where certain sentiments like humanity, justice and kindness are (seemingly) badly shaken, provoked and then forgotten in the daily grind, whereas sentiments of religious and caste discrimination, of political pride and its brothers are rampant are seething beneath the surface, waiting to explode over the slightest friction.

In such a nation where a few vulnerable minds can terrorise an entire population and a few lecherous crimes and criminals cannot be dealt with with courage and righteousness; where one population sleeps more than it awakens, and the other is awake with sickles in its hands to chop off the smallest blooming buds of peace or change, I wouldn’t make a film on terrorism, or religious outrage or sexual abuse. Continue reading “‘Wise enough’ rather ‘Bold enough’”

Check yourself out

I’ve written and written and written. But today, like a few other days, I couldn’t write.

So, today, I looked back. I skimmed through the archive of blogposts I’ve published across the past 2 years. I checked myself out.

And that lifted me up! I am happy to have written every piece, every sentence, every expression, the way I have. Of course, I’m not satisfied. I can never be. There is always a better way I could have written, more interesting topics I could’ve written on, more insight I could’ve given; plus, I would’ve loved to have hundreds of readers tuning into my blog everyday. But all that is ‘Blah’. I’ve been writing. My own stuff. My own way. And I have a handful of readers among you, who grab a few quick minutes to check for the latest post. And some among you find joy in reading my stuff. That makes me happier.

Today, I’d like to direct you to a few posts you might enjoy reading in your quick 5 minute break:

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Hope you enjoyed reading these posts, and continue to do so. And hey, you just made my day, but don’t forget to make yours! Go on, now, check yourself out! : )

The Nayakan has arrived!

Keralatthinnte Puthu‘naayakan’ Vedhinirannyu Aadunnu!!

Theaters getting full. Ticket counters getting busier. Movie ratings going up. More and more reviews, write-ups and comments on the internet- some about the story, some others about the style, but most of them about the cinematography, the acting and the music. All of that in awe of one movie- NAYAKAN. Continue reading “The Nayakan has arrived!”