Ain’t a single day

Ain’t a single day in my life where I don’t want to sing.

Ain’t a single day in my life where I don’t want to write a song.

Ain’t a single day in my life where I don’t want to dance.

Ain’t a single day in my life when I don’t want to teach someone something I know, and make them feel happy.

Hurray! I just narrowed down the ocean of things I have wanted to do, to 4 things I don’t want to spend a single day without doing.


Now you try. If you’re honest, it’ll take you seconds.

What life wants us to do

Life connects. It places you in a world, and calls you to be a part of it. It is filled with people who’re family, people whom you see and smile at and speak to everyday, and people whom you are yet to know and share a few chosen moments with.

And to add to the beauty of it, life puts people in different parts of the world, miles apart from where you have been placed, and in places with the most beautiful landscapes, with a lot of untouched nature and fables and futures of their own. Life wants you to cross borders. Of land, of religion, of language or culture. Life wants you to meet the most number of people you can. Because every person you meet is different from you, and yet, brings something into your life. It could be anything: a marriage, a friendship you’ll treasure, words you’ll never forget, a heart full of love, a new-found passion, a reason to live, a lesson to remember and be thankful for. It could be anything. Continue reading “What life wants us to do”

From the other side of this night on

From the other side of this night on; I promise I will:

– Not forget that I am from a country that needs its women to be strong and capable of protecting themselves

– Be a wonderful aunt to the little angel that’ll soon be born in my family

– Take a lot of photographs and put them up online as a collection

– Make and sing a lot of beautiful songs, and through them, reach out to people across the world in whatever way I can

– Write from the heart, every single day

– Make a lot of German friends

– Make a lot of friends

– Not waste food

– Do my own dishes after every meal

– Write at least the three books I’ve been wanting to write

– Keep myself fit

– Get back to classical dance

– Build my business up with passion

– Write, teach, sing and meditate everyday

– Do all the little things I can to make people’s days

– Explore travel-writing

– Make birthdays of my loved ones special

– Cook for my family more often

– Believe in my dreams, no matter what the world has to say

…and of course, I will wake up every morning with a smile of gratitude, and go to sleep every night with a prayer for everyone in this world to have every joy of mine.

Another year to live. Another year to experience. Another year to love.

Happy New Year!

Dreams of Then and Now – Part 3

It was not all wrong, but most of it was scattered. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe the year was the time for me to find out what I wanted to do, and what I didn’t. So I did a lot of stuff; content writing, video-making, fashion and lifestyle reviews, website content writing, teaching, cooking, a diploma, excel-sheet making, plan-charting, press release writing, blog writing, photography, singing, running an office, re-learning driving, my first ever short-fiction release, my first ever playback singing gig for someone other than my brother, and a lot more. I did a lot, but at the end of the year, I know I haven’t done enough. If today were my last day, I’d probably die of the feeling of not having done enough. And the urge to do more. There’s a lot of energy waiting to be burnt into something remarkable. I know there’s loads of it. And though I don’t believe I can ever completely know what I want in life, I know what makes me feel happy and adds meaning to it. And I’m working on those things harder than before.

But the big question remains: How long from now Continue reading “Dreams of Then and Now – Part 3”

Dreams of Then and Now – Part 2

In those days of complete boredom and lethargy, dreams were rather revolutionary. Dreams of having quit the job, started up my own small publishing company, or a language institute, or a language service company. And dreams of building up my own business with such passion and intelligence, that in a couple of months, I would be able to pay up to the company I was going to leave, because I would be breaking the contract before serving my ‘sentence’ there. Then, secret dreams of getting married to this guy I got to know at work, or not, and then having kids, or not, and living happily ever after in the small world that we’d have around. Or not.

It turned out to be ‘Not’. But I did quit my creativity-slaughtering job. Continue reading “Dreams of Then and Now – Part 2”

Dreams of Then and Now – Part 1

It was easy attending college for a couple of hours, and dreaming about the future all throughout the rest of the day. In those dreams, I was a famous pop-star, a successful businesswoman, a writer, a teacher, a journalist, a renowned actress, a danseuse, and had been in different Indian cities, then in different German cities, and had stayed there for months.

Then came the job. The stable job. The yearning to earn and buy stuff for my family and myself. The yearning to be seen by the world as independent, responsible and free. The yearning to wear formal suits and get addicted to coffee and talk Continue reading “Dreams of Then and Now – Part 1”

Dreams of Then and Now

Hey! The year that was supposed to be the end, is ending. 4 days to go.

To me, the year has been, well, an eye-opener, a roller-coaster, a trip down the depth of the ocean and back. Since there’s no one word for it, and since there are a lot of things to be said, I’m putting them up right here on my blog as a series ‘Dreams of Then and Now’ in 3 parts, one part a day, and on 31st December comes the final and most special post of the series. For you. For me. For the life that the new year is going to take us through.


(Read the first post here.)

Pretty Little Things

Some pretty little things, that don’t let go,
Like the thought of a friend, the craving for snow…

The laughs from a memory, the warmth of a baby new,
The delightful sweetness of ‘I love you’…

The rain-splattered face, and wet feet in warm sand,
A child on your chest, the hold of a tiny hand…

An old photo album, a wave from across the street,
The painted school walls, the smell of pancakes sweet…

Living is loving pretty little things,
And embracing them with our heart and its wings,
For what you will remember before you must go,
Would be the pretty little things that did never let go…

No intelligence, please!

Life has a way of throwing things in your way with its invisible hands. But we’re too preoccupied to spot them in light, and scared to search in the dark.

I’m both preoccupied and scared. Along my way, I don’t look around much these days. Its been more than a year since I’ve last indulged in a book of fiction, and floated in its story. Have you ever read a book and floated in its story for the next several days? I used to love floating in a story that was unreal; and its afterglow would take my imagination to the craziest heights and farthest shores. And I used to love the instant urgency a finished book injected in me, to write my own story, or to read one more of someone else’s.

Something’s kept me away from those farthest shores. I don’t let myself enjoy imagination as much as I used to, and I don’t trust its path. Hell, what happened to me? Did I just become intelligent? Because I don’t want to be that. I want to be a child who keeps laughing and wondering. Then tumbling. Then laughing again and wondering again. And always singing. Just like in the shower. Like the prettiest singer with the sweetest voice in the world. So, I don’t want to be intelligent. Intelligent people are too protective of themselves to let them tumble, and they almost never sing in the shower. That’s because they secretly hate their own voice.

God, don’t make me want to be intelligent, if that is going to cost me my love for curiosity and foolishness. I’d be a horribly pretentious intelligent woman who didn’t know to laugh or sing. You wouldn’t want to miss my shower songs, would you God? Not if I promise to sing louder.

Beyond comparison

Compare yourself with those you admire, and you’ll deem yourself less.

Compare yourself with those you pity, and you’ll deem yourself better.

Compare yourself with your yesterday, and then you’ll know your true worth.

Its simple. Your struggles are yours. And so are your pleasures and victories. And so is your worth. Nobody can walk, run, talk, smile, think or breathe like you. You have your own price. Your own mind, your own opinion and your own price. And you are beyond comparison. And those who compare you to anyone else, for whatever reason, do not realize that. You must, though.

And if you must, at any cost, measure your depths and heights, close your eyes, stand before yourself like you would have 5 years ago, and observe. What more and what less are you? And how much more do you want to be?