My answer to the puzzle

You can either keep doing what you’re good at doing, or you can pick up something you aren’t very good at, and start learning.

Either way, you need to hold your head up high and believe that what you’ve chosen is best for you.

The world around me looks puzzled at my endeavour and asks me, “What are you doing? Why this job, when you should be performing and getting swooned into fame by fans?”

I say, “I’m doing it because I want to stay stable at something. I cannot be a beginner at everything at the same time. And as far as getting famous, or rather, getting swooned into fame is concerned, I don’t want to get ‘swooned’ into anything. I want to walk myself into it, knowing that its the right time and opportunity, knowing who I am and who I want to be, and that nothing or nobody can change that.”

We, the joke

I love what Russell Peters does. I hope that you’re the kind that loves it, too. If not, you’re probably taking life too seriously to laugh about it. Don’t.

The guy loves to talk about Indians, and though his comedy is quite harsh, it is almost never untrue. Last night was one of those nights when I needed a good laugh, so after I was home from work, I picked a couple of Russell videos to watch (no one can watch just one!) In one of the videos, he was talking about arranged marriage, a very common and complex Indian tradition, wherein he narrates that his mom once told him: I will pick you some nice girls, then you choose which one you want.

And Russell said: This is crazy! My mom wants to pick a girl for me? I don’t even let her pick my clothes!

Interesting thought. How many of us can say that about ourselves? Continue reading “We, the joke”

Music without music is still music

My best song, till date, is ‘Solomon Shoshanna’ from the Malayalam film that is making waves all over India, Amen.

For artists of most kinds, it is usually the flaws that they notice in their own performance. And I’m no exception. I used to hear Solomon Shoshanna, and think- well, its just OKAY- I could’ve done this here, maybe sung this way here, and so on.

Weeks later, I heard the final mix along with the teaser video. The music composer had decided to keep it without any music, just the vocals singing the melodic tune, and the background sounds of the sloshing lake water and the singing night insects. Continue reading “Music without music is still music”

What matters

I’ve been working on my first eBook, and everything was going fine, until two days ago. I happened to watch the trailer of a director’s upcoming film. And this director is special, because my brother and I have worked on the music for his previous films.

Anyway, when I watched the trailer; it blew my head off. It gave me heart palpitations. The kind of visuals, the look of the film, and the inquisitiveness that the trailer raised in the first-time viewer’s head was, in one word, flabbergasting. Continue reading “What matters”

Host of Honor

Today, life brought me to meet a human incarnation of artistic passion. An 85 year old sprightly man, Kavalam Narayana Panicker is a writer and lyricist whose passion for his art can put many a young amateurs and their creative egotisms to shame. Including mine.

I saw the legend at work today: effortlessly producing words of lyric that marvel and delight his audience. I couldn’t help but feel the pinch on my heart thinking of how I and my countless comrades of the creative realm claim to be ‘passionate’ about our art. And it also kept me wondering, whatever happened to priceless virtues like humility, undeterred dedication and passion that reflects in an artist’s every action.

I’ll miss you, MJ!!

I was perched on my sofa watching some entertainment show on TV last night. Somewhere in the middle, the show got boring, and I was lulled to sleep. I was probably halfway towards a nice deep sleep when I heard a familiar song from my brother’s room. Something about that song made me wake wide up and then, feel uncomfortable. It was then that I realized, the song was ‘Black or White’ by Michael Jackson. Continue reading “I’ll miss you, MJ!!”