Irrelevance is bliss

Every single day, we become what we do. And in the process, there may be some days when we ourselves are tired of being what we are, and doing what we do. Subconsciously, we still love ourselves, but too much dust of monotony gathers over it, and it needs to be replenished and shined.

On such days, the mind will wander in strange directions, and prompt you to do irrelevant things you never thought of doing, and if you go along with all your heart, and decide that you will not regret it, you will come back all shining and replenished.

I am a writer, a German Language teacher, and a singer. But one fine day last week, I was in for a big surprise.

A doctor who had come in from Germany asked me if I wanted to join him in the operation theatre while he performed surgery.  I was one among a bunch of medical interns observing two critical surgeries. It was the most bizarre thing I’ve done till date. But even there, I learnt something about myself. I learnt that I was a stronger person than I thought. And I realized how amazing our inner world really is, and how similar we all are from the inside. Plus, I met a really nice person, so I now have one more friend from the other side of the world.

The afterglow of the most bizarre day of my life is still working. Sometimes, you just have to get the hell out of your world and go discover another one; one you never even thought of.

To start

To start is not everything. Persistence, is everything.

True. As is the first impression, the first step, the first words. They sure mean a lot.

But none of these make any sense unless you clear your mind, and start.

You may want to give yourself ample time in advance to make the best preparations, to ensure that what you’re about to start goes a long way, and meets the success you want it to.

But at some point, you’ve got to stop analysing, planning, contemplating and perfecting. And you’ve got to make that start; however terrifying the mere thought of it might appear, and however stiff your first impression would turn out, however unstructured your first words might turn out to be; you would’ve at least made a start. And a start opens to an ocean of experiences, possibilities and a journey you can manoeuvre yourself through. If you don’t like the direction, you can change it. You can take it wherever you want. The journey belongs to the one who starts on it.

Don’t over-think. Make that start. And celebrate it.

The longer you wait, the lesser time you have.

Beyond comparison

Compare yourself with those you admire, and you’ll deem yourself less.

Compare yourself with those you pity, and you’ll deem yourself better.

Compare yourself with your yesterday, and then you’ll know your true worth.

Its simple. Your struggles are yours. And so are your pleasures and victories. And so is your worth. Nobody can walk, run, talk, smile, think or breathe like you. You have your own price. Your own mind, your own opinion and your own price. And you are beyond comparison. And those who compare you to anyone else, for whatever reason, do not realize that. You must, though.

And if you must, at any cost, measure your depths and heights, close your eyes, stand before yourself like you would have 5 years ago, and observe. What more and what less are you? And how much more do you want to be?

8 Little empowering things

In this life of ours, we don’t need much. What we really need are little things that make our day; things that make us feel significant, happy and empowered; that reinstate our self-belief and replenish our love for the good things in life. Here are 8 little things that leave me feeling empowered:

1. Driving the car. I’m learning to drive. Its challenging, but its empowering, too. And while 12 days of the driving class have already gone by, 10 days remain. And I can’t help imagine the thrill when I’ll take my car out to drive, and manage all the elements that go into it, all by myself. Every night since the classes started, I’ve always imagined myself driving merrily on the highway, all by myself, like some independent woman character out of a Sidney Sheldon novel.

2. Wearing great clothes. By great, I mean clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Clothes that you feel best in.  By the time we hit our late teens and 20s, we know what kind of clothes look best on us. Continue reading “8 Little empowering things”

Living the story

Few weeks ago, my family and I watched ‘English Vinglish’, a film about an Indian housewife whose life is drastically affected in many ways simply because she cannot speak English, and how in due course, she puts her feet down, joins an English Course, meets people from different backgrounds with one common language difficulty, and how, in the end, when she learns English, it transforms her personality and makes her a more confident, respected and fearless person.

Since the past few years, my father has been transforming many such personalities, giving them confidence along with good communication skills, helping them get jobs, or a raise, or just plain due respect from their social circle. And let me be modest, my dad is not all that famous, neither is his institute as heavily marketed as so many others. But nonetheless, he counts. He makes a difference. And his speciality has been, that he teaches people who need such knowledge the most, but are too shy or underestimate themselves too much; labourers, security guards, farmers, their children, poorly literate local politicians, to name a few kinds.

Many watched English Vinglish and loved the story. My father and I, are living it. We’re making a difference. You are, too, in your own way.

So, what story are you living?

The best incentive

Hard earned-success makes you want to earn more. It makes you feel important and responsible and mature. And it fuels your mind and body to gear up towards yet another goal.

Yesterday morning, my Diploma Certificate came home. It said that I passed with a distinction and with an A+ grade. That was hard-earned, burnt-the-midnight-oil, wrote-through-hundreds-of-pages success.

Yesterday night, I figured that I wasn’t doing enough for my upcoming audiobook release. I put a 1:45 a.m. alarm, rose, redid the entire recording, and now, I’m happy that it sounds much, much better.

I’m happy that I burned the midnight oil, and in all sincerity, did what I ought to have done.


Its yours

Seth Godin, one of the most sought after modern-day marketing maestros, was asked for his comments on being rated among the world’s top ten popular bloggers. He thanked him and said, “But my goal is not to write one of the world’s best blogs. My goal is to write MY blog.”

If only more people thought likewise about the goals they set in life, the world would be filled with people just giving THEIR best. Kids. Parents. Couples. Bosses. Employees. Everyone. At their best. And happy.