Find yourself at home…

I got my first sneak peak into the Zen philosophy yesterday; just a soup in the food for thought.
And it was disturbing. And then marvelous.

Disturbing, because it is most inconvenient to fathom that all you are, and all everybody around you is, is mind-body – the co-existence of certain hardware and certain software.

Marvelous, because thankfully, mind-body has ‘potential’ – memory, imagination, physical strength, emotional intelligence, perception, calculation, the ability to feel, the flexibility to change – and exploring this ‘potential’ is called life.

One great takeaway from this for anyone who feels down, or stuck, or helpless – would be – that your feeling that way has got something to do with your ‘potential’ – that you ‘feel’ depressed, or you ‘lost’ your greatest opportunity, or that you ‘have been through’ rough experiences; that’s all part of your potential – this thing we also call life. But your potential isn’t static, and so neither is your life. None of it defines you – and hence it can be changed. It can be re-routed, it can be healed, and beauty can be seen in it.

And you can always find peace in remembering that you are mind-body. That I am just like you. That the mind-body entity is what you need to love and care for the most, because that’s your only possession, your only real home. Everything else, everyone else, is an accompaniment, and only for a little while.

Life, is beautiful. And so are you.

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