What you don’t remember

Turns out we don’t remember a lot of stuff. Even stuff that we thought we would never forget.

Things like nicknames, or days we thought were historic in our lives, or the lame jokes we shared in college, or the best hangouts ever.
Things that once used to be ‘our thing’s.

Well, we do have a few things that connect us to our past – pictures, videos, journal writings, poems, music, people…
Look around you, and everything you have has a story behind it.

But still, some of the cleverest things you might have said, or some of the best times of your life, or things you might have really wanted yourself to remember, have been forgotten. And they might never be revived.
And you know what, that is just alright. All that we remember is all that we need to connect to our past. It would’ve been nice to remember more, but that’s just a ‘would’ve’. Even if you don’t remember a whole deal about them, the people and things that you have in your life are still there – because you remember how you feel about them.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”        ~ Maya Angelou

So here’s how I think we make and keep memories – we do a lot of stuff with people we like and love, and we do it all to feel good about being with them. Some of those things we click, write, compose and tell the world about.

While others, they just evaporate into feelings and fill the room – and reflect in our trust, our fears, our love and our dreams today…

So, what will you remember tomorrow? Or more importantly, how will you feel about today?

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