Work? Great. Family? Beautiful. Personal Life? Feeling good.
What’s wrong? Erm. Nothing.

Wait a minute. Am I happy?

Well, ok. Or maybe, I could’ve been happier…And let me not forget that this thing could go wrong…


I’m not saying it happens all the time, but there are times in life when we are happy and satisfied. And though not everything may be going great, everything is just alright. You’re sailing right through, and the winds are calm. You admit it to yourself. You are happy.

But then along comes a thought: ‘Well, you know, speaking of work, I should’ve gotten a raise by now…’ Or ‘I would’ve saved enough by now to buy a car by now, hadn’t it been for the medical expenses…’ Or ‘I could’ve still been with him/ her.’ Or ‘I could’ve been a writer…’
And then puffs up another cloud of imagination, full of ‘could’ve’s and ‘should’ve’s. And you could be lost in there for hours, days.
But hey, everything is going so well for you right now! What happened to that?
I remember Brene Brown saying that ‘Joy is the most terrifying of all emotions’. When we’re happy, we just can’t let ourselves stay happy for too long somehow..An old wish, or a secret insecurity; something always drags itself along.
Well, you should let yourself be happy for as long as you can. Even about the smallest of things. Because it feels good. And it’s ok for you to stay happy. Because..

Joy is your natural state of being.                       – Dr. Wayne Dyer


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