Courage is not optional

It takes courage anyway.

It does take a lot of courage to do things right, no matter what.
But when you don’t make that choice, you can still have the courage to accept responsibility for it and face the consequences chin up.

From fear can rise a lot of complications. While the reality might not be that bad, fear will tell you a totally different story about it. A story filled with mistrust and insecurity. And we are afraid more than we realize.

But at some point, courage, too, rises from fear. It makes you ready to face reality, and gives you back the reins of your life. Courage, is to take responsibility for your fears, and to dissolve each of them by trusting yourself with whatever you do. And by knowing that we are all here for a very short time. That the luxury of love and loving people cannot be taken for granted.

And that in the end, we are all here to love.


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