Freedom from…conformity (The Life Laboratory)

If only we all took pride in thinking for ourselves.

And did not weave our entire lives in order to conform with what has been thought for us.

What if we could envision that this whole world is one big laboratory, the ‘Life’ laboratory, where each of us is born, and we conduct our own experiments, have our own little accidents, and come to our very own findings before we leave the laboratory, just as empty and wonderful as it was?

Everybody who came to the lab was free to make their own conclusions, nobody examined, nobody monitored or influenced. The lab was full of discoveries waiting to be made, and everything in the lab was open for you to experiment with.

Nothing was pre-‘written’, everything was ‘created’.

In such a life of free will, my friend, your conclusions, or your ‘findings’ would be way different than anybody else’s.

Your findings in this life are different from those of mine, or of your mom’s or of scholars who wrote scriptures and books we live by.

Your findings in this life are different, because your mind is unique to you, your subconscious is unique to you, your feelings are unique to you.

Your findings are different. And they should be allowed to be different. They ARE allowed to be different.

Don’t feel obliged to adopt the findings of others. Use your hands, your head and your heart. You will make mistakes; sometimes it will be a couple of times before you know that it is a mistake; but you will know it from your experience. As long as you don’t harm any fellow-discoverers, you are free.

Your curiosity and strong will to experiment will be tagged with innumerable words like ‘self-centeredness’, lack of culture, lack of belief, even athiesm.

And you might be tempted to adopt what is in their eyes ‘the true finding’.

Hold on; it’s not yours. Find yours.

The lab is open, you’re able and equipped just as you are, and though you do have all the time in the world, it is running by too fast to be waiting for all the answers.

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