Where do you live?

Can’t can be a dubious word. It gives you the illusion of helplessness, but it is really a choice.

We can’t do so many things; because of so many things, and so many people.

We can’t more than we can.

But if you can, not because everybody approves, not because there are no challenges, but because your faith is bigger than your fears and your will is irreversible, amazing. Go ahead. I won’t be there to take the rough road and weather with you. Maybe no one will be there at all. But that is never the truth.

The truth is that you are connected to this universe, and the force of the universe is with you. Always. It’ll shut you out from things you say you can’t, and bring you closer to the things you say you can. What you feed in to it, is what you get back.

So what are you feeding your genie? What world are you living in?

Einstein reminded us:

The most important decision one must make in his life is whether he lives in a hostile world, or a friendly one.

So, are you living in a hostile world, where everything mostly and eventually works out against you?

Or are you living in a friendly world, where you eventually get everything you truly, deeply and passionately want?

Have you chosen an answer? Good. Because it’s the right one anyway.


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