I shall, I shan’t
I will, I won’t
I care, I don’t,
I can, I can’t…

I make my world, I set my mind,
I brace my soul from the hurting kind…
I stretch to heights, I walk into my fall,
But no one does it for me, I do it all…

I love, I loathe,
I tolerate, oppose,
I distance, I hold close,
I shy off, come forth…

I draw my lines, I erase, redraw,
I know my strength, I know my flaw,
If I don’t know for sure, then I don’t know at all,
But no one thinks for me, I do it all…

I fear, I dream,
I befriend, I shun,
I face, I run,
I am what I seem…

I close my fist, I open my heart,
If I am different, I stand apart,
I walk alone, until I’m too tired to fall,
But no one walks for me, I walk through it all…

You lend your ears, your eyes, your hours,
You mend my tears, you wash my scars,
You see my light, you hear me call,
And now you want to do it all…

But I have learnt, and I have burnt,
The need of a hand, or a heart concerned,
And I have taught myself to stand, to crawl,
And pledged myself to endure it all,

No one fights it for me, I fight it all…
And that’s how I sleep sound, and that’s how I walk tall….


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