The Image

Wanting to have friends can make you do stupid things. But you want to fit in, anyway.

Its like you’re this image, nice and sharp, clear and bright. Smaller than some, bigger than some others. Some might like you, some might not. Or worse, few might like you, most might not. And torn between what the world thinks and what you think, you don’t have a real opinion about yourself. You don’t know whether to call yourself a brilliant image or an image too small, too limited.

Then you have this seemingly great idea. There is a whole big screen that depicts the world’s idea of a ‘cool friend’.  Plotted on it are characteristics that are quintessential to being that perfect kind of friend that everybody wants to have. Like being cool-headed, outspoken, honest, loyal, fashionable, being a spendthrift, a movie buff, an ‘independent’ person who has a bike and can travel nights, and what not.

And on this big wide screen, you, remember, are an image. Medium sized, actually, but on the big wide screen, you look rather small.

So, you decide to select your image, and expand it. You try to cover more and more of the screen space, imbibe more and more characteristics of the ‘perfect über-cool modern-day friend’.

And as you start expanding, you come up with another brilliant idea. You’re eyeing this button in the right hand side top corner, that says “Stretch to Fit.” As the biggest step on your impossible mission, you click the button. And there! You’re the hero. You have fit in. Congratulations!

But hey, everyone still won’t love you. Because though you might have captured every inch of prerequisite, look at yourself. You’re all pixelated. And nobody will care to glance at a pixelated, blurry image for too long. Small, sharp, bright and clear is so much better.

So stop ‘expanding’. Take a good look at your image. And decide how much you’re willing to alter it for the sake of ‘fitting in’.


2 thoughts on “The Image

  1. Hi Preeti… I just can’t stop listening to your Solamanum Shoshannayum… Its not just the music… The feel… The involvement on your face… I’ve fallen in love with your music… To know now that music is not the only field you blessed with your presence, multiplies my admiration… God Bless you! And let Him bless earth with more such angels… Not expecting to, but will be so very happy to hear back from you… Wishing you all the very best… Weather you know it or not, your music inspires the soul… It awakens chastity buried beneath the silts left by the impacts of society in minds… Just a petty attempt with words that I don’t even fully understand… just to catch your eye… 🙂

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