Special day

Today is a special day. I can’t figure why. Maybe its the beautiful weather. Or the unusually calm streets. Or the breeze. On my way home, in the auto-rickshaw, I had a feeling that my heart was waltzing to a Louis Armstrong song. I was hungry, and I had an urge to buy me a bar of snickers. And a bunch of fresh bright flowers. I wonder why?

I ‘go’ to work for only 4 hours a day, I don’t drive, I don’t earn much, and I don’t have many friends. But I have a lot of time for myself, to read, to watch classic films, to write, to plan, to ponder. I have a handful of good friends, and they’re always in my thoughts, I have a beautiful little niece, who is like this morning bird whose eyes can make you sing. I have a lot of plain white sheets at home, and I can find joy in spending hours just scribbling random scenes from a story I can’t seem to see through to the end. I don’t earn much, but I have enough and I don’t have much use of it.

I’m looking for a job that pays me better, I am nervous about the new phase of life that is about to start, and my plans keep changing course. I am uncertain about the future. And not very pleased with my past. I worked with not much success, but I continued working nonetheless.

And yet today, I am influenced by the pleasance around me, and a strange state of calm and joy is inside. I am beginning to sense the slow onset of the Sun of good things. My students are doing well. I am being recommended by one of them to a great company as a good trainer. I am getting few but better work offers, my niece is growing more beautiful and learning to fall asleep peacefully without resistance. My second story has found an ending inside my head. I am home before noon and sipping into a hot cup of coffee.

I still wonder what’s special about this day. And though I have no clue, I’m looking upto the clear skies with two sayings in my heart. One of gratitude for the little good things I have, and the other is an appeal to someone who I believe is watching over me, “The rest of my story better be good…”


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