Irrelevance is bliss

Every single day, we become what we do. And in the process, there may be some days when we ourselves are tired of being what we are, and doing what we do. Subconsciously, we still love ourselves, but too much dust of monotony gathers over it, and it needs to be replenished and shined.

On such days, the mind will wander in strange directions, and prompt you to do irrelevant things you never thought of doing, and if you go along with all your heart, and decide that you will not regret it, you will come back all shining and replenished.

I am a writer, a German Language teacher, and a singer. But one fine day last week, I was in for a big surprise.

A doctor who had come in from Germany asked me if I wanted to join him in the operation theatre while he performed surgery.  I was one among a bunch of medical interns observing two critical surgeries. It was the most bizarre thing I’ve done till date. But even there, I learnt something about myself. I learnt that I was a stronger person than I thought. And I realized how amazing our inner world really is, and how similar we all are from the inside. Plus, I met a really nice person, so I now have one more friend from the other side of the world.

The afterglow of the most bizarre day of my life is still working. Sometimes, you just have to get the hell out of your world and go discover another one; one you never even thought of.


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