The boy who never cried

There lived somewhere they say
A boy who never cried,
Through every loss he showed
His handsome superficial side…

They say he never cried
When as a young lad he had to leave home,
That’s when his older kin thought their boy,
would grow up strong, but with a heart of stone…

That might have kept him from weeping
Even on that dreadful unfortunate night,
When sitting ride beside his driver’s seat
his younger brother had died…

He did not weep on that foreign land
He did not weep back home,
‘Twas thus again proven that the doctor had
an ailing heart of stone…

Then one night his wife have birth,
His beautiful daughter was brought to the earth,
And when he held the fragile miraculous being that night
For the first time in years, he cried…

He cried ‘I’d lost faith in all emotion,
And the world never let me try,
My home, my people, my brother, my love,
To soon they said goodbye…’

‘Before I learnt to show my love,
to laugh hysterically and heartily weep,
I lost them all, and they probably call
me a heartless being in their sleep…

But who’s blessing is this, a fragment of me,
that does peacefully in these cold hands lie,
Maybe its the brother’s, who did know my heart,
and sent her to teach me to cry…’



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