A line for the troubled writer

I am a writer, and I often look for inspiration. And for me, through most of my creative blackouts, studying classic poems or quotes that reflect the line of thought of legendary writers does the trick. It fills the void inside with the will and the gush of emotion to write. One such quote that always reminds me of how unadulterated and pure the process of writing truly ought to be, is one of Ernest Hemingway’s:

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

To sit down amidst all the chaos that life entails is one challenge. And to bleed without trying to curb the flow is another.

To write, I must be more at peace, I must see more of the worlds existing around me, as well as within me. I must have the courage to let the story remain untamed and unfinished, and to write it in its incomplete state. And present it before the world, whose readers will each give the story a life of its own.

For, as some writer has wisely stated; the writer only starts the story, it is the reader who finishes it.


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