Friends with problems

People whom you befriend often come to you with problems. But not everyone who comes to you with a problem is looking for a solution.

Some just want a dose of the importance their problems help them get. They are the most frequent callers, visitors, and they will never let themselves be healthy or happy. Because then they’ll not have anything to crib about, and life will go on without the notice of the world.

For some others, who don’t often talk about their problems, and who fight their own brave battle with whatever little or great problems life might put forth, crying on someone’s shoulder is a temporary phase of outburst. They realize, and they even insist, that they find their own way out, though they might need a while.

And then they remain forever grateful for the few moments of silence, or a few words you gave them in their times of grief and helplessness. Such friends are to be treasured, their troubles need more of your love and time, and in time, these will turn out to be some of the truest of friends.


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