‘Wise enough’ rather ‘Bold enough’

We live in a nation of paradoxical sentiments. Or perhaps I should say, we live in an era of the lifetime of our nation, which is plagued with paradoxical sentiments. Where certain sentiments like humanity, justice and kindness are (seemingly) badly shaken, provoked and then forgotten in the daily grind, whereas sentiments of religious and caste discrimination, of political pride and its brothers are rampant are seething beneath the surface, waiting to explode over the slightest friction.

In such a nation where a few vulnerable minds can terrorise an entire population and a few lecherous crimes and criminals cannot be dealt with with courage and righteousness; where one population sleeps more than it awakens, and the other is awake with sickles in its hands to chop off the smallest blooming buds of peace or change, I wouldn’t make a film on terrorism, or religious outrage or sexual abuse. No matter how much I believe in the story, no matter how much I want to create it; I will first give a thought to the gravity of the upheaval or unrest  it might cause, if any. If the film is a message or moral more than a bold depiction of the reality ornamented with smashing music and scintillating visuals, I would still consider making it.

But before it all, I will consider its impact on my nation. On the small clout of people whose ‘sentiments’ could be hurt, causing unnecessary trouble to the peace of the common liberal man, who loves watching films and doesn’t feel offended or hurt by its depictions.

If my conscience says that my film is entertainment or awesomeness at the cost of social unrest, I wouldn’t make it. Because I know that my people are hurt, influenced by and provoked by new age cinema more than inspired by their liberality. Its sad. But it is a fact. And rather than fighting the fact and being ‘bold enough’ to make such kind of films, we must be ‘wise enough’ to adapt to the social temperament we survive in, and focus on educating our coming generations to have liberal values. We should, as responsible filmmakers, media persons, and artists, save our best stories until that day comes.


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