What is missing is awareness.


That yesterday, someone as young and ambitious as you somewhere in this world died driving the way you did this morning.

That yesterday, someone else’s brother or son, of your brother’s or son’s age, raped a minor, left her to die and got away with it.

That yesterday, a person just like you died of drug overdose.

That a young expecting mother just like you, or your wife, or your sister, skid over a pothole on a road just like the one you travel on everyday; and lost her baby.

There are people just like you, spread far around you. And everyday, someone like you was victimised. Everyday, someone like you dies of negligence, indifference or lack of initiative towards setting life’s little and great things right.

Once you’re aware of this fact, you would be wise enough to realize that you could be the next in line. Pull yourself out of the line, by being more careful, considerate and standing up against even the smallest of wrong doings.

Read about people like you, and what they did wrong. And correct yourself wherever you can, whenever you can. Be safe, be strong.


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