To start

To start is not everything. Persistence, is everything.

True. As is the first impression, the first step, the first words. They sure mean a lot.

But none of these make any sense unless you clear your mind, and start.

You may want to give yourself ample time in advance to make the best preparations, to ensure that what you’re about to start goes a long way, and meets the success you want it to.

But at some point, you’ve got to stop analysing, planning, contemplating and perfecting. And you’ve got to make that start; however terrifying the mere thought of it might appear, and however stiff your first impression would turn out, however unstructured your first words might turn out to be; you would’ve at least made a start. And a start opens to an ocean of experiences, possibilities and a journey you can manoeuvre yourself through. If you don’t like the direction, you can change it. You can take it wherever you want. The journey belongs to the one who starts on it.

Don’t over-think. Make that start. And celebrate it.

The longer you wait, the lesser time you have.


One thought on “To start

  1. I chanced across your blog at the end of an internet-trip which started off from your twitter handle, through Jiya Ra on youtube – and finally to wordpress. For a singer whose voice I’ve admired a lot (ever since I heard Lolalolamayi), finding that you write, have a superbly designed site, as well as the fact that you’ve published an audiobook – comes as quite a pleasant surprise.

    Here’s wishing you a splendid life ahead (career would be too restrictive a term for someone who dabbles in more than one thing) – would love to have more songs from you as well as good stuff to read.


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