The day that’ll change my life

Its 6.30 a.m. and on any other day, I would have just woken up and would have been sipping hot green tea.

But today is not any other day. Today is beyond ordinary, beyond routine.

Yesterday, I was sitting at home, secretly feeling gloomy about the way my business and my life is slow-pacing. But today, I will strike off a stronger effort, and work longer and harder than every other usual day, and not expect anything.

I’m going to send that email I wanted to send long ago. Draft a letter for my ex-colleagues in Germany. I’m going to write that story I’ve never managed to write. I’m going to pen a song or two. And record that prayer song I wanted to. I’m going to enthral my students with today’s German lesson.

I’m going to workout on the treadmill, eat every two hours and drink lots of water.

I’m going to get to work. Deal with all the petty issues with the knowledge that they’re just petty, but the way I deal with them is going to determine the success of my workday. I’m not going to give myself reason to be gloomy. On the contrary, I’m going to be smiling often today.

Today is no ordinary day. Because I won’t let it be that.


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