Routine challenge

Today, in the midst of getting ready to go for work, I spotted a little green book on my bookshelf. The great book about eating healthy and staying fit that I had once read, and even followed for a long time thereafter. I had started to eat at regular intervals, keeping a check on my eating habits and my exercise schedule. But that book and what I learnt from it had been untouched and mostly forgotten since the past several months.

Today, when I caught a glimpse of the book, or rather when the book made itself visible after a long time, the days of self-discipline and the joy of it flashed before my eyes. What happened to me? What happened to the deliciously healthy food? What happened to feeding the stomach a little every two hours? What happened to ‘switch off the T.V. and any other gadgets before you sit to eat’? What happened to the great concept of mindful eating?

It faded off. It fizzed out. It was a fascinating challenge initially, but then it became routine. And routines need to be gotten rid of. Or so I thought.

But I thought wrong. Fitness and everything that it entails shouldn’t be treated as routine. Because it isn’t. It is a discipline, that needs to be maintained with grit, and it is a challenge to be taken up and mastered every single day, and every single time we’re hungry or lazy.

Well, fitness ranks as one of the topmost ‘to-be-mastered’ disciplines and challenges for me. For you, it might be something else. Something that you were determined to take up, but then left it midway. Why? Was it because it because it became routine? Or was it because of the simple lack of will?


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