What life wants us to do

Life connects. It places you in a world, and calls you to be a part of it. It is filled with people who’re family, people whom you see and smile at and speak to everyday, and people whom you are yet to know and share a few chosen moments with.

And to add to the beauty of it, life puts people in different parts of the world, miles apart from where you have been placed, and in places with the most beautiful landscapes, with a lot of untouched nature and fables and futures of their own. Life wants you to cross borders. Of land, of religion, of language or culture. Life wants you to meet the most number of people you can. Because every person you meet is different from you, and yet, brings something into your life. It could be anything: a marriage, a friendship you’ll treasure, words you’ll never forget, a heart full of love, a new-found passion, a reason to live, a lesson to remember and be thankful for. It could be anything.

Life doesn’t want you to earn money. It didn’t invent it. We humans did. So alright, we’re going to need enough of it to buy stuff that keeps us healthy and alive. But beyond that, all we need is to know people, to have known people, to see places beyond our streams of imagination, and to have filled our eyes with a few of them. To have made memories. And to have made a difference, just by being there.

To create this incredibly beautiful world and to give life to countless people on it must’ve been quite a job. Life is probably waiting for you to open the doors and step out. Life is waiting, just like mother would wait by your table for you to taste a new dish she’s made. Life wants you to connect. Life wants you to keep the wonderment alive, and to taste all the little delights spread generously around you.

More than anything, life wants you to love it, and make it memorable.


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