From the other side of this night on

From the other side of this night on; I promise I will:

– Not forget that I am from a country that needs its women to be strong and capable of protecting themselves

– Be a wonderful aunt to the little angel that’ll soon be born in my family

– Take a lot of photographs and put them up online as a collection

– Make and sing a lot of beautiful songs, and through them, reach out to people across the world in whatever way I can

– Write from the heart, every single day

– Make a lot of German friends

– Make a lot of friends

– Not waste food

– Do my own dishes after every meal

– Write at least the three books I’ve been wanting to write

– Keep myself fit

– Get back to classical dance

– Build my business up with passion

– Write, teach, sing and meditate everyday

– Do all the little things I can to make people’s days

– Explore travel-writing

– Make birthdays of my loved ones special

– Cook for my family more often

– Believe in my dreams, no matter what the world has to say

…and of course, I will wake up every morning with a smile of gratitude, and go to sleep every night with a prayer for everyone in this world to have every joy of mine.

Another year to live. Another year to experience. Another year to love.

Happy New Year!


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