Dreams of Then and Now – Part 3

It was not all wrong, but most of it was scattered. Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe the year was the time for me to find out what I wanted to do, and what I didn’t. So I did a lot of stuff; content writing, video-making, fashion and lifestyle reviews, website content writing, teaching, cooking, a diploma, excel-sheet making, plan-charting, press release writing, blog writing, photography, singing, running an office, re-learning driving, my first ever short-fiction release, my first ever playback singing gig for someone other than my brother, and a lot more. I did a lot, but at the end of the year, I know I haven’t done enough. If today were my last day, I’d probably die of the feeling of not having done enough. And the urge to do more. There’s a lot of energy waiting to be burnt into something remarkable. I know there’s loads of it. And though I don’t believe I can ever completely know what I want in life, I know what makes me feel happy and adds meaning to it. And I’m working on those things harder than before.

But the big question remains: How long from now am I going to be as successful as I dream to be? How am I going to make that good money, enough to give me peace of mind and a little more than enough to buy a nice home? I want to be reasonably wealthy. And I want to be known for whatever good I am. I want to feel happiness and vigour in the gush of my blood and the feel of my skin. I want to be happy being what I am. And I never want another dull moment.

Dreams of the ‘Now’: A fantastic teacher with a lot of fantastic students, a soulful singer with a lot of great projects, a writer who always has a hundred more stories to write, a dynamic businesswoman with a successful publishing house, and more. The year to come will be one big leap towards each of those ever growing dreams. And more.


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