Dreams of Then and Now – Part 1

It was easy attending college for a couple of hours, and dreaming about the future all throughout the rest of the day. In those dreams, I was a famous pop-star, a successful businesswoman, a writer, a teacher, a journalist, a renowned actress, a danseuse, and had been in different Indian cities, then in different German cities, and had stayed there for months.

Then came the job. The stable job. The yearning to earn and buy stuff for my family and myself. The yearning to be seen by the world as independent, responsible and free. The yearning to wear formal suits and get addicted to coffee and talk business. And even as I was doing all those things, I obviously didn’t stop dreaming. Dreams went on to another level: in which I was a woman with her own publishing company, working & having a great time for months together in Germany, but then, I was still a pop-star, a writer or an actress in some of those dreams. But I was either in Germany, or in India.

Then came the redundancy and monotony. Having to do the same things at work every day. Meeting the same people that have become lesser and lesser likeable, working like a lifeless machine, getting tired of all the hefty formal clothing and office politics, the only relief being coffee. And, of course, dreams.

(This post is the first of the 4-day series ‘Dreams of Then and Now’, in which I look back at the dreams I saw and the realities I walked through until this time of the year. More about the series here. Stay tuned!)


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