Most v/s Now

We give up what we want most for what we want now.

The ‘Living in the now’ philosophy is catching up among people like wildfire. We all want to live now. We all want to become everything we  can fancy, we want to own everything we can, we want to go on exotic vacations and live life like a movie. All ‘now’. And most of it, in its essence, is good. One should (and can only) live in the now.

But what about dreams for the future? Don’t we have them? Don’t we like to envision the future, and fantasize us having a great time living?

If what you want today takes you away from what you want most in life, will you still want it anyway? If what you want most is to get back into shape, will you still eat that extra serving of the sinful dessert you long for?

If you want most to spend your days writing and travelling across the world a few years from now, will you still spend a fortune on that luxury apartment you want to own?

If you want to have a strong relationship for a lifetime with your beloved, will you still want to let him/ her go over a silly spat?

The urge of the moment is strong, and can make you do irrelevant things. The vision of the future must be stronger, to help you refrain from doing those things, and move on relentlessly.

So, what do you want most? And what are you giving it up for right now?


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