Drink it

If you can’t be mad, you can’t be passionate. You care too much about the world to be in love with who you are and what you do.

Passion, sans all the glamour and the erotica attached to the word, is madness in the soul, and madness in action. Its the reason some people start slapping their hands in perfect rhythm on almost any surface they find, or why some will be up before the sun, to see it rise and fill the sky, as they stand ready with their paint and canvas. Or the reason why some others travel across the farthest of nations, and walk along the dirtiest of waters to capture a lonely lotus in half bloom somewhere in the middle.

I remember, when I was a school kid, mom used to take up my studies at home until I was about 11. She used to pick something for me to learn, and say, ‘Don’t just learn it. Drink it.’

And that’s how I came to love studying. I do. I really do. I love studying, because it is a process of being continuously fascinated by things I never knew about. I could study anything, plunge into it like it were an ocean, and drink from it as much as I could. But I don’t boast of it, it is not my ability; it is my passion.

We all eventually discover our passions; but once discovered, keeping it alive and burning, against all odds, against the battles of one’s own mind, is the bigger challenge. A challenge we have to face and win everyday.

You. Your passion. Drink it. Everyday. Let the world go take care of itself for a while.


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