A lesson in appreciation

This morning dawned with a beautiful thought.

Life is a lesson in appreciation. Throughout our lives, we learn how to appreciate what we’ve been given, what challenges we’ve overcome, and what troubles we’ve been saved from. We also learn to appreciate the abundance that surrounds us.

Everything under and above the sun was created for you to find joy in, for you to find beauty in, and for you to feel grateful for. The sun himself is for you to find warmth in. The moon is for you, yes you, to write poems about as you stay up at night. The breeze is for you to feel lonely at times, and at other times, for you to feel free. The grass is here to tickle your naked feet. The mountains and rivers you can never entirely measure are here to fill your heart with wonderment and peace. And the people? The people who love you are for you to love back and appreciate. The people who hate you are for you to discover and mesmerise  The world is your stage, your playground, your home, whatever you may imagine it as. But it is for you. And it is for you to appreciate.

For if you haven’t appreciated the smallest of insects and the coldest of weather, the slightest of music and the most troubled of souls, you haven’t lived.


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