8 Little empowering things

In this life of ours, we don’t need much. What we really need are little things that make our day; things that make us feel significant, happy and empowered; that reinstate our self-belief and replenish our love for the good things in life. Here are 8 little things that leave me feeling empowered:

1. Driving the car. I’m learning to drive. Its challenging, but its empowering, too. And while 12 days of the driving class have already gone by, 10 days remain. And I can’t help imagine the thrill when I’ll take my car out to drive, and manage all the elements that go into it, all by myself. Every night since the classes started, I’ve always imagined myself driving merrily on the highway, all by myself, like some independent woman character out of a Sidney Sheldon novel.

2. Wearing great clothes. By great, I mean clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Clothes that you feel best in.  By the time we hit our late teens and 20s, we know what kind of clothes look best on us. We develop our own taste for style. I love what I wear. I don’t wear the schick stuff, I’ve developed a liking for dressing smart over dressing sweet. And I love my jackets!

3. Feeling light. Directly proportional to eating right. But not just that, staying well hydrated, shaking a leg, stretching, taking the stairs, laughing, playing; all of that makes you feel light and ready to do anything you feel like.

4. Paying up. I am a corporate-slogger-turned-entrepreneur. I don’t have all the big money. Its been a year and my business is still gathering its wings, but I do earn decent amounts on whatever few projects I do. And though I don’t remember having spent much for myself, I remember this one time where I paid for one of my family’s pizza treats. Simply saying ‘I’ll pay’ gave me a kick. Paying for something that my family loved gave me absolute joy. And I’m going to keep doing that, more often.

5. Withdrawing cash. Just until a few months ago, I didn’t have a bank account, and I didn’t know how to use an ATM. Now, I’ve withdrawn cash a couple of times, and I simply love to see my hard earned money popping out and saying: “I’m all yours. Use me wisely.”

6. Cooking for the family. Mine is a family of foodies. And nobody among us has ever said no to ice-cream. In my family, we often light-heartedly say, “Between us, love increases with every serving of food.” But I do really think that’s true. Cooking is a gift, and if your food is loved, trust me, you’ll never go hungry nor unadmired.  After all, food is love in its most delicious flavour! I love to cook, and I love to treat my family with new stuff every time.

7. Doing what you love. If you don’t want to feel bored, or burdened, or depressed or out of inspiration, do what you love. And build ways to make it a part of your daily life. I write. I teach. I sing. I cook. I read. That’s almost everything I love doing. And that’s all I do all day. And I’m happy enough to be able to write about it! Though I still have to get back to dance, learn an instrument, start a school….

8. Giving what you want. Now, why would you want to do that? If you’d want something, you’d want to have it, right? Well, right. But giving brings greater joy and satisfaction than achieving or possessing. And what you give, you get back. In loads. So you want love, you give love. You want appreciation, you give it first. You want to feel motivated, give motivation to someone who needs it more than you. Magic happens.


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