Living the story

Few weeks ago, my family and I watched ‘English Vinglish’, a film about an Indian housewife whose life is drastically affected in many ways simply because she cannot speak English, and how in due course, she puts her feet down, joins an English Course, meets people from different backgrounds with one common language difficulty, and how, in the end, when she learns English, it transforms her personality and makes her a more confident, respected and fearless person.

Since the past few years, my father has been transforming many such personalities, giving them confidence along with good communication skills, helping them get jobs, or a raise, or just plain due respect from their social circle. And let me be modest, my dad is not all that famous, neither is his institute as heavily marketed as so many others. But nonetheless, he counts. He makes a difference. And his speciality has been, that he teaches people who need such knowledge the most, but are too shy or underestimate themselves too much; labourers, security guards, farmers, their children, poorly literate local politicians, to name a few kinds.

Many watched English Vinglish and loved the story. My father and I, are living it. We’re making a difference. You are, too, in your own way.

So, what story are you living?


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