The sweet breeze of the good old days

Yesterday, I blurted out at God, when he cruelly burst the little ‘inflated’ bubble of  my self-importance with his finger and stood pointing it demonstratingly at my smallness.

Today, he had me travel to the other side of town, to sweet reminiscences of the other side of my life. Today, I met my favourite teacher ever, whom I now call ‘coach’ and who calls me ‘li’l sis’. And we met very close to the institute where he taught me once; and where I once became his ‘discovery’.

Just to be talking to a person from that time of your life with which the most beautiful memories are associated, is a fulfilling experience in itself. Today is that day for me. This morning, God is relieved of my anger and despair, because he sent out a whiff of breeze from my good old days; a breeze that I badly needed, and that hadn’t blown for a while!


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