What is as important as love?

Or is there anything as important as that?

Most romantics would say, no, there isn’t. Love is everything. The one fundamental human emotion. The one thing that makes the world go round.

But we live in a world where love is an overused word, and is interpreted as per convenience, conscience and circumstance. You can love a spouse, and still be overprotective about her. You can love your child, and still compare him or her with other children. You can love your mother, and still say the rudest of things in a fit of rage, and get away with it without even apologizing.

So is love, in its every ambiguous definition, enough in itself? Is it enough to keep the world going round? Would love suffice, at the cost of trust and respect?

Trust is given. We don’t wait for our family members to prove their trustworthiness. Within family, trust comes naturally.

Respect, on the other hand, often remains unmentioned. Respect is most difficult to express. Giving respect and making the other feel equal to us, threatens our ego. We’re wary of expressing respect, we’re wary of giving too much of it. And we always take it for granted within the family.

But sometimes, all that is missing from a sour relationship, is love’s greatest companion. Respect. With respect, one of man’s fundamental needs is granted: freedom. And a family is the best place to start giving it.


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