I’ve probably been a very difficult friend sometimes. Out of reach, out of touch. For days, even for months. But nonetheless, I’ve never lost out on my closest friends. One never does.

My closest buddies, a handful of the most amazing/ crazy/ warm-hearted people I can ever find on this planet, know that nobody loves them like I do. And I know that as long as I have them, I’ll never fall short of a shoulder to lean on or a butt to kick!

Tomorrow is one such friend’s birthday. And I have no idea whatsoever of what I’m going to do to make her day tomorrow!

But right now, as I’m thinking of that friend, who has always been more of a soul-sister; in this moment, I’m reminded of two of the sweetest things she’s ever said to me:

– No matter what I do or say, I know you can never hate me…you’re one of those few friends I know I can always take for granted…

– We’re way past the phase where we feel offended or jealous or hurt by each other’s silence. Just to know that you are alright and happy, wherever you are, is enough.

Love you, Karthi! How much, I can never say. And to wish you a wonderful birthday, I’ll be there myself!

Lets catch up and watch a couple of FRIENDS episodes, maybe. (You be Chandler, I’ll be Phoebe!)



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