What matters

I’ve been working on my first eBook, and everything was going fine, until two days ago. I happened to watch the trailer of a director’s upcoming film. And this director is special, because my brother and I have worked on the music for his previous films.

Anyway, when I watched the trailer; it blew my head off. It gave me heart palpitations. The kind of visuals, the look of the film, and the inquisitiveness that the trailer raised in the first-time viewer’s head was, in one word, flabbergasting.

And I remembered, that I had plans to send him a copy of my eBook. I mean, I was going to present my raw, unperfected work of fiction (which isn’t even a story) to this terrific storyteller. For a moment, I thought, What the hell was I thinking?

And then the self-bashing followed. What if my work is too shallow, what if it has no ‘point’, what if its too naive an effort to put forth to the world?

But again, I reminded myself, that the best works of art are created by people who do it for themselves, not for the pleasure of the world. They stick to their style, their gut feeling, and they believe in their work, regardless of outside acclaim or critique. And this director, I’m sure, is one of such people.

So now, I’m back to working on my eBook. Without inhibitions. Because though it might not be as great as many, it’s my first effort. Its special. And that’s what matters to me.


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