The doc I’ll always remember

Hi there! I’m sorry about the delay in posting today’s message; I had to finally go visit the doctor for the bad reddish eye I was having since the past week.

So I went, got my eyes checked, recognized a couple of colours and sat at the machine that shows you a zoomed out image of a bright scenery, while the doctor actually checks your eye in closest detail on the other side of the machine.

After the check-up was over, my dad, who’d accompanied me, told the doctor how we and our entire extended family knew him, and used to go to him years back, when he had a smaller clinic elsewhere. He recognised us instantly, and what followed was a fascinating conversation with the witty old man who had no other patient waiting this morning, and a series of amazing little experiences he seemed to be waiting to share.

He laughed, he made us laugh, as we heard his stories. But what we took away from the clinic today was beyond laughs; it was a feeling of respect and admiration towards the simplicity and humility of the doctor who never really got rich, because he never really charged like his competitors did, and nonetheless, he was happy to be doing justice to his profession in the small three-room clinic he owns. And as we got up to leave, he did the sweetest thing: signalled his assistant to bring me a Cadbury from the refrigerator. Because he had a special regard for kids since he recently became a grandfather, and to him, I was still a kid.

He’s definitely a doctor I’ll never forget. And though he told me that the medicines will make me feel better and I needn’t visit him for a check-up, of course, I plan to. Just to see him laugh as he narrates another little story, and get another Cadbury, maybe. 🙂


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