Stranger Ways: Ways Forward

This time, Karthika came across another wretched woman at the Doraisami Subway, to whom she donated a lot of her old clothes…after all, winter was soon approaching.

The wretched woman we know now works at the Domestic Terminal of the Chennai Airport. Her kid is looked after by Shantiamma, who named her Muthu.

Fedora is the same sweet old mother, and her kid now knows a lot of mermaid stories.

Juhi is doing great at her job since the day she decided to work on her Tamil. She also has a few Tamil songs on her iPod.

Leela is dating again, and she visits Swati more often; for reasons other than buying Mysurpa.

Swati is now Senior Store manager at one of the biggest outlets of Shri Krishna Sweets. Rajan never came back, and Swati never accepted a single penny Rajan sent for their daughter Rukku.

Hari is working as a manager at the hotel he was appointed to. He plans to shift to a better hostel room after his next promotion. He’s visiting Swati and Rukku for Dussehra this year.

Manoj is the lead guitarist in a newly formed rock band. He also teaches at the Sahityam Academy of Arts on weekends.

Ravi Sir still pens upto 4 songs a day, and will be directing his last play soon. After which he plans to write only for his wife.

Kashif left his post-graduation midway, and moved to Dubai, where he works at his uncle’s construction company. He plans to abscond soon.

Meera now works with an NGO in Kerala. She plans to make a visit to Cologne this December, and spend this Christmas with her mother’s family there.

Jaggi visited many other places across Kerala. He’s booked a boathouse vacation at Munnar for January, with his wife and soon-to-be-wed daughter.

Mrs. Preetha Nair was thrilled to be on television. She now loves to talk about her job.

Shirley continues to be a good journalist, but on one of her recent trips, she lost her wallet again.

Baalan doesn’t sell pipes anymore. He’s found a small time job at a car garage. With the money he found in Shirley’s wallet, he purchased a bicycle and shopped for Jaya. Next month, they plan to rent a small room for themselves. But much sooner, they plan to secretly marry. Only the old mad woman knows about their plan.

Shanmugam and Vijayalakshmi will be travelling together again in December; this time, to play at the Chembai Music Festival in Kerala.

Harbinder continues to work as airport security staff, but she has also rekindled her passion for cooking – and for herself.

Chandni hasn’t pulled down much, but she quit being a fulltime housewife. She and Vinod have started a small restaurant business of their own.

Nandita loves being back in Chennai, and works for a leading music channel. If things go well, she’ll be hosting a show starting in January.

Velu still works at Sangeetha Tea Stall. He can now write more than just his name in Tamil.

Janardanan bought a transistor for himself. He now catches all the news, but still misses being with his wife and daughter for dinner.

Ganesan bought that bike he wanted to buy; but later that month, his help at the store fled with over Rs. 15,000 from the store.

And the cabbie still needs his pills; but he is now more often on time than not, and his wife Shailaja now cooks better than ever….

(The above post is a part of my first short fiction series: Stranger Ways. More from the series here. Thanks!)


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