A ‘short’ giving to my readers: Stranger Ways

Hi there! If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’ve been working on a short fiction series called ‘Stranger ways’.
Well, I just completed the series, and though it didn’t quite go as planned, I thought I should let my set of readers go through my first complete edition of the series (A revised, edited eBook version will be out soon). I’d love you to sit back, read and give me your valued comments and feedback!

Here’s the synopsis of the series Stranger Ways.

And here’s the list of chapters:

1. The Cabbie

2. Moving On

3. The Wretched Woman

4. Shantiamma

5. The little mermaid

6. Encrypted Trouble

7. The bitter Woman’s sweet

8. Mysurpa

9. Liberty and Collision

10. Opportunity in despise

11. Timelessness

12. The smoke and the saint

13. The daughters

14. Jaggiji’s Photography

15. The Sunday Treat

16. Feared and Lost

17. The winning night

18. Days of Freedom

19. Harshness and Beauty

20. Absconding Breeze

21. Home

22. The spirit and the pen

23. Night Duty

24. Profit and Loss

25. Ways Forward

Hope you enjoy the little journey that Stranger Ways wants to take you on. Do write in your comments, suggestions and feedback once you’re back! Thanks!


One thought on “A ‘short’ giving to my readers: Stranger Ways

  1. Good work on the series Preeti. Its good to read the way you have blended and woven your ideas into simple stories.

    I would like to see a better and tighter version in your e-book + youtube narration. You have the cut to make a good writer, keep exploring. You can never have a dull moment in writing; you have the words, find ideas. Ideas from your day to day life.

    Good going Preeti.

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