Stranger Ways: Profit and Loss

After all the windfalls and pitfalls of the MLM businesses he ventured into, this stable-income business was a relief. All he needed to do was decrypt the doctor’s handwriting to figure out the medicine names, know his racks and drawers in and out, and keep a regular record of the medicines going out and the ones that need to come in. Well, he didn’t really have to look into the record part; he’d hired someone smarter than him to handle the complicated stuff.

This monsoon brought in the busiest and the most profitable days. Days when at any given time, he was attending to atleast 3 customers simultaneously. Looks like I can manage to buy that bike this month

This is an excerpt from my first ever fiction series ‘Stranger Ways’, which will be available soon as a downloadable eBook and an Audio Series on YouTube. Check out the trailer of the series!


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