Stranger Ways: The daughters

She thought of the journey from then to now, and it seemed almost incredible what she’d given up. The life she’d given up, the people and the dreams she’d buried forever, the turmoil she withstood, and the peace she found here, in the homeland of her father, where she was born, and where she felt closest to him and her own true self. And on days when the memory wouldn’t want to leave, she’d take a train with it to Trivandrum, and spend a few hours with it on the grass-laden Napier Museum Park, right where she had fond memories of taking long evening walks with her father.

Soon, the skies were exceptionally clear and sunny, and a look around from where she sat filled her with inexplicable joy. She sat up straight, closed her eyes and started to meditate. Hours later, when she opened her doe-eyes, she found a little girl bending over to have a closer look at her with her mouth wide open, in awe of…

This is an excerpt from my first ever fiction series ‘Stranger Ways’, which will be available soon as a downloadable eBook and an Audio Series on YouTube. Check out the trailer of the series!


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