Stranger Ways: Jaggiji’s photography

To him, everything was fascinating, the old-style architecture of the museum, the texture of the walls, the types of flowers that grew in the garden space, the shades of the sunset sky; even the old-worn out, non-functional fountain that stood in the centre of the place was an utter beauty in his eyes. And of course, the people. He’d fallen for them. In mere 2 days of his stay in Kerala, he’d captured hundreds of people, their expressions, features, moustaches, smiles…Everything! After all, this trip was a dream come true, and he wanted to take home the most number of memories he could.

Look at this beautiful sculpture on the museum doo-

“Excuse me!” Someone with a croaky voice poked him on his shoulder…

This is an excerpt from my first ever fiction series ‘Stranger Ways’, which will be available soon as a downloadable eBook and an Audio Series on YouTube. Check out the trailer of the series!


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