Stranger Ways: Timelessness

 Don’t lose all hope, Mr. Menon. There have been miracles. 

Miracles. Even if there were, why would God choose me? 

“Come on…” his wife held him by his left arm, helping him get up from the chair, then thanked and blessed the doctor, and carefully walked her ailing husband towards the lift just outside the clinic.

She called for the lift, and stood beside him, waiting.
Look at her. How weak she’s grown, yet how strong she is when it comes to me! Look at the way she carries herself: with such firmness and self-respect! And her beautiful grey hair only add to her fair beauty. She’s been there…all this while. And soon, I, her partner, the one she’s devoted her lifetime to, will be gone…

This is an excerpt from my first ever fiction series ‘Stranger Ways’, which will be available soon as a downloadable eBook and an Audio Series on YouTube. Check out the trailer of the series!


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