Stranger Ways: Mysurpa

Rajan had been the perfect husband, except for the fact that he wasted a lot of time and hard-earned money on pampering his ‘local political position’. And lately, since he had quit his job at the factory to indulge in politics ‘full-time’, Swati had to struggle harder than ever to make both ends meet. And Rajan wasn’t all that perfect a husband anymore.

There was a knock on the door. It wasn’t Rajan. It was the young lad Hari from the neighbourhood, who was treated no less lovingly than as a son by Rajan. He had come home a couple of times for a meal or to help Rajan with his ‘work’, but was never warmly received by Swati.

Today, he seemed particularly hesitant to come in, and couldn’t…

This is an excerpt from my first ever fiction series ‘Stranger Ways’, which will be available soon as a downloadable eBook and an Audio Series on YouTube. Check out the trailer of the series!


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