Love marriage

About two years back, one of my friends asked me, “Was your brother’s a loved marriage?”

“No, an arranged marriage. But his wife’s and mine was a love marriage!”

It was an instant ‘connect’ at first sight. Then it was the ‘I like you’ smile. Then it was the wider  ‘Oh! I think you and I have a lot in common’ smile. Then, there was a beautiful engagement ceremony between my brother and her in the presence of the closest of family and friends. Months later, it was time for my lovely soul-sister to come home.

I’ve thanked God more times than I can remember, for bringing someone like her into our family. She shares my giggles, my worries, my childishness, my taste in almost everything, my love for many things in life, and most common and greatest of all, for my brother. Oh, and the latest addition, for the beautiful little one growing inside her. With a mother like her, and a father like my brother, the little one-to-come is twice as blessed.


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