Lady of Sun

There’s this incredible woman somewhere under the sun where people speak English and learn German, and there’s plenty of children who love being pampered with cheese pasta and banana muffins. And that incredible woman, wearing those pencil-heeled stilettoes and her zillion dollar shiny smile, must be touching lives and strengthening integrities wherever she goes. Just like she strengthened mine.

If I know anything about the phenomenon that ‘a fine woman’ is supposed to be, I know it as a trait of hers. Most people who know her probably think she teaches German. But those who’ve learnt from her would know, that she teaches young, vacillating minds how to be as tough, as impeccable and as emphatic as her.

She keeps coming to mind, looking as smoking as she always did, her words transporting especially from that one day, when 16 of us her students sat alongwith her in a circle after class, holding hands and narrating one little incident each that changed our lives. She sat there pateiently, hearing us out, and when lady cried of her irreparably breaking marriage, she said, “If breaking it is going to instil peace with yourself, do it. If you owe each other no apology, say your goodbyes and part ways without hatred. If you owe him an apology, be humble and honest enough to apologize before you part ways. And if he owes you an apology he doesn’t want to give you, kick him out of your life, and slam the darn door!”

I am too proud not to brag that I was her best student. She believed in me like no  other teacher did- not just in my gift of the gab, but in my spirit for life. I miss her terribly. I want to know where she is. What she’s doing these days, what book she’s reading, and why she didn’t ‘spoil’ me like as promised after I stood first like I promised her I would.


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