Naanga Chennaillu Vandirukko!!

One of my brother’s three favourite places in the world. And the one most compatible to the wallet. Chennai. If the weather isn’t bright enough, the people are.

They hesitate less. They ask, take and give with the same open spirit.

They are a trifle bit difficult for the suave and schooled air hostesses to shush and organize without unexpected questions or even situations.

They love their food, and whoever in this world doesn’t, well, I don’t know what to say. Except that’s inexplicable.

Its Friday afternoon. There’s rush at the restaurant. There’s rush at the sweet shop. There’s rush on every floor of the king-size cloth store. There’s rush on the roads. Makes me wonder, ‘how many people really live here?’

Its Friday afternoon. I feasted two rounds of snacks and two trademark filter coffees at the crowded legendary restaurant. I bought my favourite Mysorepa  from the famous sweet shop and split them with my brother. I shopped on most of the floors of the king-size cloth store, and walked out with a travel bag full. And right now, I’m wading through the traffic. Today, just this Friday afternoon, I’m a Chenaiyya!


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