Creativity troubles

Most artists, deep inside their heart, are insecure. Not so much about their value amongst other artists; dig deeper and you will find that they don’t completely understand their creativity, and their greatest fear is the loss of that creativity.

Artists who put their heart and soul into their art write, sing, paint and dance with this fear in them. And if the art is their bread, their fear exceeds the passion. And their creativity is manouvered by that fear.

Everytime we have a writer’s block, or a creative block of any kind, we feel miserable. We get grumpy and introverted. We try recklessly to get something creative out of us. We fish for ideas until every bit of self-confidence is drained. Depression follows.

Instead, why not think that creativity is something that ‘comes to you’? From the air, the sky, or like  whiff of wind? And it will come to you at its will. If you keep your heart open and senses sharp, it will come to you more often. It is not something that can be confined or manipulated or possessed. It comes and goes. And when it does come, one must hold on to it tightly, and not let go until it has been written, or danced, or sung or painted.

When it doesn’t, don’t wander away looking for it; move on. But nonetheless, keep your heart open and your senses sharp, and let it come to you when it will.


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