Demolition dance

First, give that murderous look. Then, line-up swearwords in your head. Yell, maybe. Then march off. Slam the door. Drop the crockery. Be noisy. As noisy as you can to make everybody around you know you’re angry. Talk to yourself in loud murmurs. Fling your books. Scavenge your wardrobe. Call. Yell. Then hang up. Then switch off your cellphone.

Cry your eyes out. Get a headache. Sleep over it. And spend the following sleepless night thinking how you’re going to face that person/ situation over the next few days.

Do this over and over, as many times as you please, but if you want to sleep well ever again, one day, you’re going to have to grow up, face the stupid problem and kill it with knack, without doing the demolition dance. Escaping into the (self) demolition mode is always easy, being rational and practical is what’s damn hard.


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