The meaningless Alarm Ritual

We promise ourselves: I will wake up an hour earlier from tomorrow and work out.

But we KNOW that we’re too tired and too much in want of sleep to wake up early. We KNOW that we’re going to turn off that alarm and roll over to sleep. We KNOW. But we don’t acknowledge.

Last night, I finally acknowledged to myself that this whole ‘will-do-it-tomorrow’ thing isn’t working; its just making me procrastinate and then feel terrible about it.
Instead, I thought, I’m going to shake-up my routine a bit and just within the time I have during the day, I am going to make room for my workout.

No pressure. No meaningless alarm ritual. Just sacrificing 15 mins. of my cozy coffee time and doing refreshing stretches & Yoga instead. 15 minutes. That’s it. I decided today. And I started TODAY.


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